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12 Pouch Mint Trays

Mojito Lime Mint
Tangerine Tango
Polar Mint

Kick Aspartame with a Tray of 12 Resealable Mint Pouches! 5 natural flavours to choose from.

Each Pouch includes 20pc

What makes us so PUR?

✓ Aspartame Free

✓ Sugar Free

✓ Allergen Free (including peanuts, nuts, soy & corn)

✓ Gluten Free

✓ Vegan

✓ Non GMO

✓ Naturally Flavoured

✓ Swiss Made


Spearmint , Peppermint , Polar Mint - xylitol, maize dextrin (fiber), natural flavour.

Mojito Lime Mint , Tangerine Tango - xylitol, maize dextrin (fiber), citric acid, natural flavour.

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